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Upcycle Yourself is a similar concept on a human scale, turning from agents of pollution into agents of environmental change.

May 1, 2010

On y va

Je quitte demain matin pour Ottawa, sur un autobus, mon velo dans un boite. Je me retrouve sans dictionnaire et entoure par les claviers anglophones, donc je m'excuse en avance pour tous les erreurs.

I've been preparing for this trip for the last few weeks. The most challenging aspect so far is the amount of consumption... the general aim of the trip is to inform people about a more ecological way of living, though doing this bike trip does involve acquiring a number of items (tent, sleeping bag, bike bell and lights, panniers, etc). J'ai trouve a peu pres un motie usage, mais l'autre motie j'avais besoin a acheter nouveau. So life goes... at least I have a well-equipped alternative to a car now, and should be able to be relatively self-sufficient while being self-propelled.

Voici notre intineraire pour le voyage. Je vais passer quelques jours proche de ma famille et mes amis au debut juin. Yahoo :)

Location Date
Ottawa - Monday May 3 to Monday May 10
Blackburn Hamlet - Tuesday May 11
Manotick - Wednesday May 12
Perth - Thursday May 13 to Friday May 14
Westport - Saturday May 15 to Sunday May 16
Hartington - Monday May 17
Madoc Tuesday May 18
Cambelford Wednesday May 19
Peterborough Thursday May 20 to Friday May 21
Lindsay Saturday May 22
Prince Albert Sunday May 23
Newmarket Monday May 24 to Tuesday May 25
Orangeville Wednesday May 26
Hilsburg Thursday May 27
Guelph Friday May 28 to Saturday May 29
Beamsville Sunday May 30 to Tuesday June 1
Hamilton Wednesday June 2 to Thursday June 3
Oakville Friday June 4
Mississauga Saturday June 5
Toronto Sunday June 6 to Wednesday June 9
Markham Thursday June 10
Oshawa Friday June 11
Coburg Saturday June 12
Trenton Sunday June 13
Kingston Monday June 14 to Tuesday June 15
Howe Island Wednesday June 16 to Thursday June 17
Charleston P Friday June 18
North Augusta Saturday June 19
Russel Sunday June 20
Alfred Monday June 21
Rockland Tuesday June 22,
Ottawa Wednesday June 23 to Friday June 25

Pendant le voyage, je vais avoir l'access a l'internet de temps en temps, mais pas souvent... with our Otesha bike tour, there is also a group blog that you can take a look at to find out more about our progress: http://www.otesha.ca/bike+tours/2010+tours/ferocious+farm/notes+from+the+road.en.html



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